Shopping at Taj Mahal

Taj mahal - souvenir shop Taj mahal : mobile souvenir shop

Shopping is part of the experience of visiting the Taj mahal.

Souvenir shops :

These mobile souvenir shops are present all around the Taj and they sell variety of items ranging from key rings, books about Agra and Taj mahal, miniature models and various other items.

There is something for everyone, so happy bargaining.

Handicraft stores :

Government handloom and handicrafts shops are situated near the western gate of the Taj. Here you will find interesting items such as sari's made of bamboo and banana, handcrafted bed sheets and rugs.

Taj mahal - souvenir shop Marble souvenirs

Marble items :

Just outside the south gate of the Taj lies Taj ganj, it is home to artists who specialise in marble items.

Here you will find everything that can be made beautiful in marble and semiprecious stones.

Leather items :

Agra is famous for its leather industry. Around taj are numerous shops that sell leather items such as shoes, purses and belts at cheap prices.

Food :

For the sweet tooth, agra petha is a must try. Also famous is the salty snack

'dal moth'.

Taj main complex

Agra fort