sikandra - main mausoleum
Akbar's mausoleum

This is the mausoleum of Akbar the great, the greatest king of Mughal dynasty who ruled from 1556 till 1605. It is situated about 7kms from Agra city on the Agra Mathura road.

sikandra - main gateway Main south gateway of sikandra

This mausoleum stands in a big garden called Bashishtabad('heavenly abode'), in an area of 150 acres. The gardens are laid out in classical 'charbagh' mughal style with central running water channels (representing 4 rivers of paradise) leading to Akbar's tomb in the center of the square.

It is enclosed by a huge wall about 25 feet high and the four gates open towards all four side. The south gate is the largest and serves as the main entrance to the tomb.

The red sandstone gateway of Sikandra is a beautiful structure.It has four white marble minarets on its all four corners. The upper storey of the gate has a "Naubat khan" from where the big drums were played from morning till evening in the honour of the dead emperor.

Akbar planned his own tomb and selected a site near river yamuna at Sikandra(named after Sikander Lodhi). He died in 1605 when its construction had just started.

Akbar's tomb was completed by his son Jahangir based on the original design of Akbar.

The four storyied main building is squarish and is about 100ft high. The tomb exhibits very beautiful floral and geometric designs, form of art which is very typical of Mughal architecture.

In the centre of main building is the false tomb of Akbar, situated on a raised marble platform.
The true tomb is in the basement.

Other two tombs on the same floor belong to the two daughters of Akbar.

About 1 km away from Akbar's tomb lies the Mariam's tomb, wife of Akbar and mother of Jahangir.

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