The Taj Mahal complex

The Taj mahal complex is a fusion of Indian and Persian architecture, it is a huge complex of buildings, gardens and water devices, build symmetrically with each element unique in itself.

The Taj complex

The main complex of the Taj mahal consists of five main elements :

Entry gates

forecourt Taj mahal : forecourt area

The three entry gates lead to a huge courtyard, also known as the forecourt or jilan khana which means "in front of the house", true to its meaning the jilan khana, a paved open square, leads to the main gateway.

The western gate : It is the main entrance of the Taj mahal and it faces the Agra city.

The eastern gate : It faces towards Fatehbad. Entry for night viewing of the Taj is through this gate.

The southern gate : south gate It faces the old Mumtazabad(modern Taj ganj).
It is meant for pedestrians or the pedlers only. Outside this gate is the colony of marble artists, and shops for buying souvenirs made of marble and limestone.

Other structures

taj museum The Taj Museum :

For the history buffs, inside the taj complex the western water device building(jaal mahal) now houses a small museum. You have to buy a seperate ticket for the museum.

Here you can see interesting articles of the Mughal era, including original court orders, weapons, currency and maps.

Taj main complex

Agra fort