The Taj Mahal Story

The Taj mahal, as wonderful as it is, has a inspiring story behind its construction which adds life to this beautiful monument. It's story of a man, a king, who kept the promise made to his dying wife and built a grand monument to honour her memories.

Shah Jahan

shah jahan Shah Jahan, son of Jahangir and grandson of Akbar, was born in the year 1592. He was earlier known as prince Khurram.

Shah Jahan was married to Arjumand Bano Begum(Mumtaj Mahal) in the year 1612.

Though Shah Jahan also had other wives, he loved her the most and bestowed upon her the title of Mumtaj Mahal(jewel of the palace).

He was a great military general and became emperor of the mughal empire in the year 1628.

He was very fond of constucting buildings, monuments and palaces. He founded Shahjahanabad(Delhi of today). He also made huge and beautiful buildings such as Red fort and Jama masjid but his greatest creation is undoubtably the beautiful white marble monument, the Taj mahal which he created in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj mahal.

Mumtaj Mahal

mumtaj mahal Also known as Lady of the Taj ,she was born in the year 1593 of persian parents, she was earlier known as Arjumand Bano Begum. She was the daughter of Yamin-ud-Daula, who was brother of Noor Jahan(Jahangir's wife) and was at a post in court of Jahangir.

Mumtaj Mahal was very beautiful and had unusual charm, she won over Shah Jahan's heart, they were inseprable lovers and she stood with him through thick and thin.

She helped Shah Jahan in administrative matters and social activities, he trusted her completly, she was his chief advisor and the royal seal was always in her posseion. She spent 18 years of married life with him.

She even went with him in various military campaigns and during such a campaign at Burhanpur in the Deccan, while giving birth to their fourteenth child, she fell seriously ill and died in june, 1631.


It is said that during her last moments, Mumtaj Mahal made a wish that a beautiful and uncompareable monument be built on her grave to symbolise their eternal love.

Her dead body was brought to Agra in december 1631, the emperor kept his promise and announced a great memorial to be built for her dear wife. Design of Ustad Isa Afandi of Turkey was selected and construction of the Taj was started which took 22 years to complete.

It is ironic that during his last few years Shah Jahan could not visit his great monument as he was put on house arrest by his son Aurangjeb. He used to spend his time by gazing at the Taj Mahal from a window of his room in the

Agra fort.

Taj main complex

Agra fort