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Table of Contents

The Taj Story
This page is about the famous love story behind the construction of this 'wonder in marble'.

The Taj history
Learn about the history of the Taj. The main artists and designers, time of construction and its price at time of construction.

Travel tips
Visiting Taj for the first time? Here are some tips which might just come in handy..

How to reach Taj?
Decided to visit Taj...great..now lets find out some interesting ways to get there.

Timings and ticket price
Know about the ticket prices and visiting timings on regular days, and of night viewing of the Taj when it is probably at its best.

Shopping at Taj
Love to shop? Here are some ideas on what you can get your loved ones on your trip to the Taj.

Main complex
This page describes the entry gates, the Taj museum and the 5 main elements that make the Taj main complex.

Main gateway
This page describes the huge red sandtone main gate of the Taj which is a piece of art in itself.

Taj gardens
This page is about the wonderful Taj gardens which includes the central reflective water canals, the main walkways, the raised marble platform and the water houses.

Taj mausoleum
The main element of the Taj complex. The 'wonder in marble' structure that houses the tombs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj mahal.

Taj mosque and rest house
Learn about these two identical red sandstone and marble structures that flank the Taj mausoleum.

Agra fort
Situated adjacent to the Taj, the Agra fort is a reflection of the taste and grandeur of the Mugal era, this is a absolute must see place on your Taj visit.

Situated about 7 km from Taj on the Agra-Mathura road, mausoleum of Akbar the Great, the final resting place of the greatest emperor of the Mugal era.

Your Taj stories
Finally most importantly, pages created by visitors like you..sharing your favorite Taj moments and pictures with us. Be among the first to share your story and we and rest of the visitors will thank you for that.

Taj main complex

Agra fort