Taj Mahal - Main Gateway

taj mahal-main gate

The main gateway of Taj Mahal which is about 93 feet in height, is a masterpiece of fine inlay work in itself.
It has beautifully crafted doors on the two sides, one opening towards the court-yard side to recieve visitors from all three entry gates, and the other side opening towards the grand white marble Taj mausoleum.

taj mahal - main gate front view Taj mahal : main gateway

The gate has profuse inlay work of white marble and precious stones into the red sandstone surface. The top of the gate has eleven domes between two high coloumns, 22 in all, depicting the number of years it took for the constuction of the Taj Mahal complex.

Some quranic verses "inviting visitors into paradise", are nicely inscribed in black stone on the white marble surface.

Top of the arches of Taj Mahal main gate are ornamented with floral patterns in semi-precious and precious stones.

The main gate also provides some nice optical illusion to the visitors - as one approaches the Taj from the main gate, the main mausoleum appears to be moving further away from you.

The vaulted roof inside the main gate has a huge brass-lamp of egyptian style in the center.

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