Taj Mahal-Travel Tips

Here are some tips on your visit to Taj Mahal and India which might come in handy to make your trip a memorable one

  • The Taj mahal is closed for public visit on fridays.

  • Prohibited items such as food, tobacco, matches,chewing gum, mobile phones and camera tripods can be left without charge in cloakrooms.

  • Dress sensibly -- India is a mix of liberal and conservative society. It is this great mix of culture and people that makes it a great place to visit, avoid wearing short clothes in rural areas.

  • Avoid travelling late at night especially when you are travelling alone.

  • Drink plenty of pure water -- water is your best friend in tropical indian climate, otherwise you may end up spending more time in toilet then outdoors :-).

  • Respect local culture -- remember to take off your shoes on entering a religious place.

  • Bargain -- thats the fun part, don't hesitate to bargain at local cloth shop, with the taxi or rickshaw wallah, at a hotel, etc. You will save some hard earned money.

  • Smoking is banned in public places in India -- use caution.

  • Currency is the Indian rupee and all money should be changed with authorized money changers available at various places.

  • India is a malarial area -- bring that mosquito repellent along.

  • Be patient and keep your cool on travelling on Indian roads, always keep time allowance for traffic delays.

  • Indian voltage is 220 volts while the US uses 110 volts -- bring a converter plug(if needed).

  • Above all use your common sense and get ready to enjoy the diversity in culture, religion, landscape, its rich cuisine, and a home to more then a billion people, India .

Best time to visit Taj mahal

Though any time to visit Taj mahal is a great time, best time would be in the winter months(november to february), during the surise and especially during the night time in the moonlight when it is at its mesmerisimg best.

Taj main complex

Agra fort